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Lisa Donohue        Birmingham        205-202-9573

Poppy Field

Grace focused, credentialed care,
timely paced for movement in relationships and life.

Offers Telehealth Appointments          Accepting New Clients          Accepts On-line Payment

Why Life Coaching?


Clients come for a safe place to process anticipated or unanticipated life circumstances, to find or voice desired goals, dreams, internal struggles, or to heal and propel significant relationships. 


Unanticipated life circumstances significantly change a way of life, leaving many questioning significance, purpose, or legacy impact. Career changes, a diagnosis, death of a loved one, infertility, victimization by fraud, or divorce are rarely anticipated, impacting finances at a minimum. Relationally, they're a game changer. Coaching helps to establish a new pace with wise, clear direction and tangible steps.


Anticipated life circumstances such as births, graduations, engagements and weddings, bring their own grief and joy. Establishing a healthy foundation through coaching propels established relationships into their new role with (perhaps) newly acquired hopes and expectations.


Empowered clients move forward with self advocacy, boundaries, emotional strength, and discernment. Sometimes, however, the most significant movement arrives as we put a voice to anxiety, longings, anger, grief, or discontentment. The awareness alone becomes hope.

Who engages Life Coaching? 


Adults in a season of change, small groups, church staff, athletes, business leaders, parents, grandparents, and academic heads find strength and reason for celebration through credentialed life coaching. Collectively, all desire a healthy foundation to move forward, with strength and wisdom, in every season of life.

A few kind words...


"This has challenged me more than I ever imagined, and it has changed my life, my marriage and my parenting."

"Lisa's wisdom and guidance has positively influenced every relationship I have and I am deeply grateful."

In Presentation:

"On behalf of our church I want to thank you so much for coming and sharing your insights and experiences for increasing brain health. We really enjoyed your presentation. You have both through knowledge of your material and a winsome way of expressing it..."

"Although Lisa had never met any of the women in our church, her gentle spirit and compassion immediately put everyone at ease."

Soul Rest Participants:

"Through the Soul Rest exercise I went from shattered and feeling lost, hurt and angry, to peace. Peace unlike I have ever felt before - ever. Better yet, I STILL have that peace 90% of the time today."

"Best, most impactful retreat so far...super impactful."

Welcome, it's nice to meet you.

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Lisa Donohue, MCLC

Master Board Certified Life Coach (AACC)

Accredited Mental Health Coach (AACC)

Grief and Loss Coaching Certified (AACC)

Grace-Focused Life Coaching (Dr. Ken Jones)

Hope Coaching Certified (for those with a life-changing diagnosis) (AACC)

Christian Care Connect member

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