Offering gentle, yet firm steps forward, uniquely created for each client. Anticipate holistic care which addresses body, mind, and soul. 

The body is restored to new strength by addressing self-care with accountability. Your physical health is significant to mental health and provides the basis for strong foundational care. Neuroplasticity has proven effective and will be encouraged through various exercises. 

The mind is pursued using the latest AACC scientific findings regarding brain research and thought patterns. With hundreds of training hours, 3 years of facilitating mental health community groups, and five years of teaching/coaching experience, you’ll find a safe place to explore topics such as anxiety, negativity, relational patterns, rumination, trauma, grief and relational woundedness. 

The soul is the core of who you are and the sum of your being. Being a redeemed sinner myself, I understand the struggle to believe. Together, we’ll address faith if you want to address faith. Other topics may include cultural spirituality, doubt, identity, shame, guilt, purpose, worth, and value. 

Seeing clients aged as young adults through seasoned maturity, we cover a variety of life circumstances including grief, separation, letting-go, voicelessness, boundaries, anticipated stress, career changes, indecision, and disappointing/unexpected life circumstances. 


Your 50 minute sessions will be individually tailored and may include the specializations listed below.

Email for packages & availability.  

Medical/financial advice will not be offered, insurance not accepted. 

Mental Health and Wellness
Navigating Life Transitions
Life Purpose Coaching
Hope/Cancer Care
Grief and Loss Care
Soul Care
 "Lisa's wisdom and guidance has positively influenced every relationship I have and I am deeply grateful." 
"This has challenged me more than I ever imagined, and it has changed my life, my marriage and my parenting." 
 "I will continue my journey as you have coached me. Thank you so much for your encouragement, truth and acceptance. I am sure you were part of my healing. Praise be to the Lord!" 


Looking for a lunch and learn topic, a life-giving gift for valued employees or clients, or a purposeful reason to gather friends/students/teammates? Set aside time to invest in the lives of those significant to you.  "Although Lisa had never met any of the women in our church, her gentle spirit and compassion immediately put everyone at ease. Her talk Living Simply, TODAY was practical and, like her title, simple, making it easy for each woman to remember and apply at least one of her suggestions."

Peace of Mind

If you have been diagnosed with cancer or any life -changing diagnosis, this is a place to speak that which
is rarely spoken. This intensive fosters a helpful, therapeutic way to process and find a unique path to His peace.

Write Your Living Legacy

Over the course of three days, you will be led, using guided imagery and sensory tools, to create a legacy
for generations to come. The sessions will help you gather significant stories of the Lord’s faithfulness that highlight His redemptive love.

At The Well: Intimacy With God

A formational workshop for deepening your spiritual walk with God by exploring the honest conversation in John 4. You’ll leave with reduced anxiety, renewed intimacy with God, & create a journal for continued growth.

Soul Rest ( Half  or Full Day)

Using a rhythm of spiritual disciplines, step by step instructions, and healthy life coaching questions, you’ll be ushered to a humbled rest where God is glorified, and your soul is satisfied. If you’re longing for more, struggling to let go, desiring to trust, seeking contentment, or simply yearning for solitude, Soul Rest provides empowering hope and a breath of renewed spiritual intimacy.  


“Using her book as the guide, each woman explored God’s presence and path through the ups and downs of her own life. Many said that this time of silent reflection followed by small group interaction was transformational and the best women’s retreat they had attended."  - S.N.


“Best, most impactful retreat so far…super impactful” - J.T., Women's Ministry Director