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Individua & Group Coaching
Poppy Field
  • What can you expect?
    Your time is valuable, your life is significant and there's always opportunity for growth. Each 50 minute session will be individually tailored for you, based on your desired growth and outcome. Anticipate credentialed care with grace and life movement. If you desire more accelerated growth, I will add writing or creative work to complete between sessions.
  • Is there a minimum age?
    Seeing clients aged as young adults through seasoned maturity. As life transition occur, we stay prepared and engaged discussing normal life circumstances including grief, separation, letting-go, voicelessness, boundaries, anticipated stress, career changes, indecision, and disappointing/unexpected life circumstances.
  • Is there a maximum age?
    Never! I'm still learning, too! You'll be encouraged to know that the fastest growing segment of my clientele is over 40. To date, my oldest client is 87 years that takes courage!
  • What is the session cost?
    Beginning January 2023, every 50 minute private session is $100, due upon completion. Couple sessions vary depending on scheduled time. Extended session times are available upon request. I accept cash, checks, Venmo, and credit/debit card payment. The client portal accepts online, automatic payment. Invoices available through the portal.
  • Do you offer a student rate?
    Parents, I understand the trials. That's why I'm answering the nudge to create a special rate for young adults (minimum of 17yrs). With the commitment to schedule, and attend, a minimum of 6 sessions within 3 months, the rate is $75/session. Only 2 students per quarter will be scheduled at this rate. Please let me know which quarter (1-4) you'd like to book when emailing for sessions. It takes time to build relationships and momentum. Please remember that this is a lifetime, not circumstantial, investment.
  • What do your clients have to say?
    "Lisa's wisdom and guidance has positively influenced every relationship I have and I am deeply grateful." "This has challenged me more than I ever imagined, and it has changed my life, my marriage and my parenting." "I will continue my journey as you have coached me. Thank you so much for your encouragement, truth and acceptance. I am sure you were part of my healing. Praise be to the Lord!"
  • What does holistic care involve?
    The body is restored to new strength by addressing self-stewardship with accountability. Your physical health is significant to mental health and provides the basis for strong foundational care. Neuroplasticity has proven effective and will be encouraged through various exercises. ​ The mind is pursued using the latest AACC scientific findings regarding brain research and thought patterns. With hundreds of training hours, 4 years of facilitating mental health community groups, and six years of teaching/coaching experience, you’ll find a safe place to explore topics such as anxiety, negativity, relational patterns, rumination, trauma, grief and relational woundedness. ​ The soul is the core of who you are and the sum of your being. Being a redeemed sinner myself, I understand the struggle to believe God is kind when life is not. Together, we’ll address faith if you want to address faith. Other topics may include cultural spirituality, doubt, identity, shame, guilt, purpose, worth, and value.
  • Do you accept insurance?
    Medical/financial advice will not be offered and insurance not accepted. Upon request, I will provide a superbill that you may file with your insurance company to be reimbursed according to your coverage.
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