...it’s the tumbling and constant wear that has softened my life. Learning to embrace

the imperfections and unique design has freed me to live with greater purpose, curiosity and passion.


With educational counseling/coaching training through the AACC and over 5 years of professional practice, I've been honored to see many lives move forward.


We all get stuck in the muck, but you don’t have to sit there alone. 

Together, let's seek the next right step for you.

"God had one son on earth without sin, but never one without suffering.” – St. Augustine

Master Board Certified Life Coach,

(American Assoc. Christian Counseling)

Mental Health Coach Certification,

(American Assoc. Christian Counseling)

Shepherding Care Coordinator, 

(Oak Mountain Presbyterian Church, Birmingham AL)

University of Northern Iowa, BA, School of Business, 1988

Contributing Writer:

A Good Confession

A Biblical Worldview High School Curriculum


Soul Rest