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Individua & Group Coaching
Speaking Engagements and Retreat Options
Speaking Engagements for Luncheons,
Breakfast Meetings, or Gatherings


Why do ministries, businesses, individual clients, small groups, and church staffs engage credentialed life coaching?  Because life is just hard; compassion builds community, and healthy communities change everything.


Working together to create a personalized opportunity for your team, life coaching empowers movement.  

How? By...

  • Substantially improving productivity by removing negative thinking. 

  • Increasing employee retention by building stronger relationships. 

  • Taking the emotional heavy lifting out of the office, and building contentment.

  • Propelling your purpose; your group now becomes a trusted partner in relational legacy change.


For consideration, following are just a handful of topics for 2-hour conversations or sessional workshops. Each 1-2 hour gathering would include time of instruction, short examples of implementation and always a time of question and answer.


  • TODAY…Tools to Reestablishing Joy

  • Navigating Seasons of Loss 

  • Embracing Healthy Thinking (3 simple tools)

  • Balancing Hope and Reality

  • Grow Analysis, An Honest Life Assessment

  • Healthy Boundaries

  • Hope through seasons of Cancer or significant Illness (2 full mornings or day workshop)

  • Battling Worry, Stress and Anxiety (5 sessions)

  • Restoring Right Relationships (8-9 sessions)

 What’s your next step?


Whether personally or professionally, understand that relationships take time. It’s significant that you know me, and trust me, before using me as a resource or reference. Likewise, I’d like to know you and the culture of your group. Simply email and lets set up a time to talk!

Retreat Options
At The Well: Intimacy With God

A formational workshop intended to expand your spiritual walk with God by exploring the honest conversation in John 4. Address past, present and future spiritual assumptions or expectations which may hinder growth and snuff out hope. Over the course of two days, we'll lean into compassion while renewing intimacy with God. Traveling locations.

Peace of Mind/Help in the Storm (Two 1 -Day Workshops for Life’s Hard Afflictions)

Whether you are facing an illness or caring for those who are, these intensives are designed to help you gain resources, support, and a safe place to process the unknown journey of challenged health.  Fatigue, overwhelming emotions, and the unknown are exhausting and can cause both to lose resilience. Both the patient, and those directly walking with them, need support spiritually, emotionally, physically, and relationally.

Soul Rest 

Using a rhythm of spiritual disciplines, step by step instructions, and healthy life coaching questions, you’ll be ushered to a humbled rest where God is glorified, and your soul is satisfied. If you’re longing for more, struggling to let go, desiring to trust, seeking contentment, or simply yearning for solitude, Soul Rest provides empowering hope and a breath of renewed spiritual intimacy.  

What do participants say?

“Using her book as the guide, each woman explored God’s presence and path through the ups and downs of her own life. Many said that this time of silent reflection followed by small group interaction was transformational and the best women’s retreat they had attended."  - S.N.


“Best, most impactful retreat so far…super impactful” - J.T., Women's Ministry Director

 "Although Lisa had never met any of the women in our church, her gentle spirit and compassion immediately put everyone at ease. Her talk Living Simply, TODAY was practical and, like her title, simple, making it easy for each woman to remember and apply at least one of her suggestions."

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