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Individua & Group Coaching
Spiritual Workshop Intensives
At The Well: Intimacy With God

A formational workshop intended to expand your spiritual walk with God by exploring the honest conversation in John 4. Address past, present and future spiritual assumptions or expectations which may hinder growth and snuff out hope. Over the course of two days, we'll lean into compassion while renewing intimacy with God. Traveling locations.

Peace of Mind/Help in the Storm (Two 1 -Day Workshops for Life’s Hard Afflictions)


Whether you are facing an illness or caring for those who are, these intensives are designed to help you gain resources, support, and a safe place to process the unknown journey of challenged health.


Fatigue, overwhelming emotions, and the unknown are exhausting and can cause both to lose resilience. Both the patient, and those directly walking with them, need support spiritually, emotionally, physically, and relationally. 



If you have been diagnosed with cancer or any life-changing diagnosis, this is a place to speak that which is rarely spoken. This intensive fosters a helpful, therapeutic, and holistic way to process and find a unique path to His peace.


Re-establishing hope as you enter this season is critical before navigating the other daily realities you face. Learning the importance of communication, honesty, support, and dealing with loss of control all critical to navigating this season in your life. 



* A safe space to process fears, frustrations and challenges and grappling with how to deepen your    relationship with God in this unknown season.

* Finding a community of support and resources to help you in your journey.

*Learning specific body techniques to help with pain and anxiety management.




 This workshop is focused on the unspoken needs of the caregivers and family. Most of us have no model or preparation on how to journey with another person in a difficult season and do not know how to address our own needs, emotions, exhaustion, and fears. 


Common issues that arise are feeling guilty for wanting to escape, not knowing how to communicate honestly with the patient, and knowing how to handle extreme responses of the one suffering when you have no control to fix or change circumstances. Personal neglect can result in resentment about the situation and can cause more internal conflict.



* Safe and supportive setting to express feelings and receive understanding and encouragement. 

* Practical suggestions on creating order and structure to care for self in the midst of caring for another. 

* Gain communication skills to talk through difficult topics and tools on how to respond to de-escalate building emotions.

*Gain tips on how to resource yourself spiritually, emotionally, physically and relationally. 


If you have been diagnosed with cancer or any life -changing diagnosis, this is a place to speak that which is rarely spoken. This intensive fosters a helpful, therapeutic way to process and find a unique path to His peace. Two 1-day workshops, addressing cancer as a trauma, not just a disease.

Write Your Living Legacy

Over the course of three days, you'lll be led, using guided imagery and sensory tools, to create a written
legacy for generations to come. The sessions will help you gather significant stories of the Lord’s faithfulness that highlight His redemptive love.
Can you imagine a greater gift to leave your family?

Soul Rest 

Using a rhythm of spiritual disciplines, step by step instructions, and healthy life coaching questions, you’ll be ushered to a humbled rest where God is glorified, and your soul is satisfied. If you’re longing for more, struggling to let go, desiring to trust, seeking contentment, or simply yearning for solitude, Soul Rest provides empowering hope and a breath of renewed spiritual intimacy.  

What do participants say?

“Using her book as the guide, each woman explored God’s presence and path through the ups and downs of her own life. Many said that this time of silent reflection followed by small group interaction was transformational and the best women’s retreat they had attended."  - S.N.


“Best, most impactful retreat so far…super impactful” - J.T., Women's Ministry Director

 "Although Lisa had never met any of the women in our church, her gentle spirit and compassion immediately put everyone at ease. Her talk Living Simply, TODAY was practical and, like her title, simple, making it easy for each woman to remember and apply at least one of her suggestions."

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