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Individua & Group Coaching
Student Package (minimum age of 17yrs)

Life 2.0 Graduating Seniors (and/or their Parents)

Your transcripts are sent and college apps complete, but are you emotionally ready for the next season of life? 


Whether college or not, just months away are new people, new systems, new expectations, new roles, changing relationships and lifestyles. Often greater sources of anxiety than academics, taking the next step into life is stressful, and it's just as true for parents as their adult children. Investing now in your relational growth creates the foundation for a lifetime.


Together let's build healthy relationships with boundaries, identifying sources of anxiety or fear, in addition to life-equipping skills that last! A great investment for any family with a graduating high school or college student!


6 (50 minute) private or semi-private sessions, June-August, $450. Schedule quickly for preferred dates/times via email: Limited availability.

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