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Soul Rest is designed to privately shepherd you into solitude and honest conversation with our God. Using a rhythm of spiritual disciplines, step by step instructions, and healthy life coaching questions, you’ll be ushered to a humbled rest where God is glorified, and your soul is satisfied. 


If you’re longing for more, struggling to let go, desiring to trust, seeking contentment, or simply yearning for solitude, you've found a place to settle. Soul Rest crushes anxiety while providing an empowering breath of renewed spiritual intimacy.

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“This is an amazing and unique road map to an inner spiritual journey--especially for those who want to do a personal retreat but don't know how…So many of us say we want to get away with God but don't know how. Soul Rest is your personal spiritual director. Warning! It may change your life.”


“I love this book! It has been a very useful tool to use to help me be quiet and focus on God. I have used it for a few personal one-day retreats and I continue to use the "Taking the Next Step" section at the end of the book for simple reflections for the day. The author has included bible verses and even a suggested playlist to help you move toward the soul rest that we all need.”

"Through the Soul Rest exercise I went from shattered and feeling lost, hurt, and angry to peace. Peace unlike I have ever felt before - ever. Better yet, I STILL have that peace 90% of the time today. I realized through the exercise that I simply wasn't trusting God. I wasn't trusting him to do what's best for me.. I needed to know how to spend time ALONE with God so badly - and I had no idea that I needed that. I learned not only that it was needed, but practically how to do it through Soul Rest."

“As I listened, and read, and thought about what I was reading, I felt like all this pent up frustration, tiredness and despair just released, and tears were pouring down my face. I just sobbed, and then came the sense of peace, and the reassurance that I am Abba's child. I am valued, I am enough.”


“Thank you for your book that has been such an instrument of grace to a weary traveler. I am finding the 'taking the next step' section to be a real challenge to some deeply held beliefs that I must shoulder everything, or life will unravel. What a lie I have been a slave to!”


“I've often thought that I have spent way more time in Bible study books instead of just the Bible alone, letting the Holy Spirit and God speak directly

 to me. I had also been desirous to make my prayer life more of a priority. Busy-ness gets in the way because it's easier to procrastinate on a quality

quiet time in favor of plain entertainment or to-dos, and then you might also be clueless as far as what quiet time with God even looks like."

Enter "Soul Rest" - with a playlist and writing prompts, the author assists in helping you encounter Him in a very real way. Journaling is NOT a natural thing for me, but I found the process very compelling and meaningful after working through the "Exploring Your Heart" section. Important for me was the "Taking the Next Step" section, that propels you into making daily encounters with God a habit, which will ultimately help my soul find true rest in this chaotic world.”


“ A great gift to give yourself!"


“I thought it was going to be really hard to spend a few hours meditating and journaling (a struggle for me!). I found that the time went by quickly and I was longing for more! Everything you need is given to you (including an amazing playlist). I enjoyed it so much that I went through it a second time! Grab some friends (earbuds, a pen and snacks) and do it together. You will be so glad you did!”

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